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Lipstick Case Holder Organizer bag

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  • Bestbling Lipstick Case Holder Organizer bag Cosmetic Storage-Pink


    •This bling lipstick is covered with thousands of rhinestones, shinning and elegant, it is great item specially for these who loves bling bling.

    •Measures: outside size 3.95″L x 1.38″W x 1.38″H, inner size 3.54″L x 0.98″W x 0.98″H, with a mirror on interior top side

    •This bling lipstick is perfect for the purse or pocket.

    •It is Small and Pocket Sized. It is Comfortably fits in a pocket and can hold 1 lipstick inside

    •It Fits a lipstick sized within 2.5M*8.5CM, and may fit other convenient items such as lip glosses, essential oil rollers or lip balms, small jewelry.